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4th @ The Steam Crane, Bristol
5th @ The Dolphin Inn, Oldland Common
12th @ Walcot House, Bath
18th @ The Stable, Bath
19th @ The Stable, Bristol
24th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol
25th @ Cafe René, Gloucester
26th @ The Exmouth, Cheltenham
27th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol


1st @ The Leftbank, Bristol
2nd @ Walcot house, Bath
7th @ Zero Degrees, Bristol
8th @ The Stable, Bournemouth
9th @ Mardons Social Club
15th @ The Swan, Almondsbury
16th @ The Rising Sun, Frampton Cotterell
21st @ Pasture, Bristol
22nd @ The Huntsman, Bath
28th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol


1st @ The Thekla, Bristol
2nd @ The Old Duke, Bristol
7th @ Zero Degrees, Bristol
9th @ Lockleaze Sports Center, Bristol
14th @ Pasture, Bristol
15th @ The Rose and Crown, Hinton Charterhouse
16th @ Walcot House, Bath
22nd @ The Queens Tap, Swindon
23rd @ The Lamb Inn
28th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol
29th @ The Strand, Cheltenham
30th @ The Stable, Bristol


4th @ Zero Degrees, Bristol
6th @ Walcot House, Bath
11th @ Pasture, Bristol
12th @ Back Bar, Weston s Mare
17th @ Private Event
19th @ Rocket Pizza, Witney
25th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol
26th @ Lilicos, Barnstaple
27th @ Private Event


2nd @ Zero Degrees, Bristol
3rd @ The Stable, Bath
4th @ Private Event
5th @ Private Event
9th @ Pasture, Bristol 11th @ The Stable, Bristol
17th @ Beeses, Bristol
18th @ Private Event
24th @ The White Lion, Bristol
25th @ Private Event
30th @ The Brass Pig, Bristol


1st @ Private Event
5th @ Private Event
6th @ Zero Degrees, Bristol
7th @ The Stable, Bath
8th @ Private Event
13th @ Pasture, Bristol
15th @ Private Event
21st @ Private Event
22nd @ The Old Duke, Bristol
27th @ The Brass Pig
28th @ The Stable, Bath


2nd @ The Royal Oak, Swindon
4th @ Private Event
5th @ Bonds Wine Bar, Weston-S-Mare
6th @ Theos Day, Cross Hands, Winterbourne
6th @ Private Event
11th @ Pasture, Bristol
13th @ Private Event